​Tim Harris Classical Guitars 


In the fall of 2011 I completed construction of my new shop .  My previous shop was a 10' x 18' space and was extremely cramped.  My new shop has allowed me to upgrade some of my tools and add several machines.  With this view out of the windows you could definitely say that this is a grown-ups version of a tree house!

​Vancouver, WA

-  As of the Summer of 2013, I have decided to build a prototype guitar that employs a spline joint instead of a Spanish heel neck.  I have been building jigs and fixtures of all sorts to make this work with my current design that incorporates an elevated fingerboard.  After fighting this change for several years with myself, I finally made the leap and I couldn't be happier with the results.  This step has improved every part of my workmanship all the way to the quality of my finish work.

-  I have recently changed my sound port design from two holes, one on either side of the heel, to one eliptical shaped port on the upper bout.  In addition to this I have inserted magnets on the inside of the guitar and created a magnetic cover that allows the player the option of adjusting the opening to the desired affect.